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Shelters and Nests

The birds, bees, and small creatures who make their home in the woods and thickets surrounding my house inspired this series. I am fascinated by the delicate appearance yet sturdy nature of the nests, not to mention the ingenious use of materials. Long after the inhabitants have departed, these nests still feel like places of refuge.

As I continue to photograph I have become all too keenly aware of the common thread that connects many of these projects ... the steadfast endurance to build and grow despite often overwhelming and even hazardous conditions. I continue to be aware of this powerful life force and how daunting the task must be.

The Shelter images are gold toned gelatin silver prints, image size 10x10. They are unique images.

The Nest images are gelatin silver prints toned with sepia, selenium, and gilsonite, image size 15x15, limited to an edition of 30.

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