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Land and Sea 11

All of the images in Land and Sea II are toned gelatin silver prints, image size 10x10. They are from the island of Martha's Vineyard, which is my home. This portfolio is a photographic exploration of my "backyard". Over the years, in living and photographing here, I have developed a profound respect for the climactic forces that shape the natural landscape, and a fear of those who might destroy it.

I am constantly amazed by what surrounds me on this island: the winter storms that pound the south shore only to give way to the soft sands and warm breezes of august, the tree who stands de-leafed in January to reveal a graceful dancers body only to round out again in the Spring, the sea smoke that arises from the lagoon at dawn. And how do those big rocks stay so balanced in that stone wall for 100 years? I look, am in awe, and just have to photograph.

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